Bologna and the Nutelleria

I wish I had known such a place existed before I visited Bologna! Just a great excuse to go back!

Please Mind the Gap

Hallelujah! I officially checked a life goal off my list in Italy.

Visit the Nutelleria. CHECK!

The Nutelleria in Bologna is one of only two in the entire world (the other is in Frankfurt) and obviously I needed to go there when I was in Florence – it’s only 40 minutes away by train!

Pattie and I were silly and went to Bologna without a map and instead only had directions from the train station to the Nutelleria. My Nutella-trained nose led us to the right place where we marveled at the hazelnut-chocolate filled menu. Sadly, there was no sign marking this spot as an official Nutelleria, but the signs on the wall made it obvious.

So what’s on the menu at the Nutelleria? Baguettes, croissants, ice cream, corn flakes, crepes and pizza all with nutella, of course. Corn flakes? Yeah, that one through me for a loop as well…

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What does World Diabetes Day mean to me?

Take Steps for GOOD HEALTH


On Sunday 1st December 2013 I will be walking 4 km to raise money for Diabetes Victoria.

Doing this walk is important to me and to my fellow Diabetes community. Now; I’m not the fittest person nor do I like exercise. But; to raise money which will go towards ongoing support and research for me and my fellow D Peeps  I think I can handle  a leisurely stroll around the TAN on the first day of SUMMER.

I have registered a team ‘DIABETES MAFIA’ and want to generate as much support as I can. My team  is open to anyone and I would love for you; or anyone else you think would like to support me and my team; to join.

You can register by following:

Click on ‘REGISTER’

Choose ‘I am a Participant’

Choose ‘I am part of a Team’

Type in DIABETES MAFIA as the team name.

My details will be next to the team name,just hit ‘Join’

You can choose to do a Walk or Run it’s entirely up to you.

Alternatively you can make a donation if you don’t wish to participate in the Walk or Run on the day.

Other up and coming D EVENTS to end a very eventful 2013 are below:

World Diabetes Day on Thursday 14 November 2013

World Diabetes Congress is being held in my very own MELBOURNE

2-6 December 2013

Pump It Up

You’re not the only one

Everyone has a story to tell its just different from the next person.
Having Diabetes doesn’t define me and I hate how people will always say ‘ I didn’t know you are a Diabetic’ they seem to say it like I’m an Extra Terrestrial from out of space! I’m not a Diabetic, but I have Diabetes. I manage it 24 hours, 7 days a week 365 days a year and so far a total of 17 years. That’s countless amounts of finger pricks, jabbing needles into my body, now changing cannula sights from moving to a Pump, counting carbs, having hypos and hearing dumb ass people ask: should you be eating that?

What of it? I manage this chronic disease to the best of my ability with the same gusto and determination I put into most things life throws at me; sometimes I wish it would just FUCK right off. Sadly this will probably never happen in my lifetime; since being diagnosed I’ve been told about that elusive ‘Cure’ that’s just around the corner. Here I am 17 years later still waiting for it…… This is when you need to take a step back and think jeez my life isn’t so bad. I’m thankful I have modern medicine that helps me manage my condition and a great support network of peers and HCP’s who help me continue to live with no complications that Type 1 Diabetes can bring. I’m thankful I live in a county that allows me to access everything I need to manage my Diabetes; to those who sweat the small stuff. Why? Wake up and smell the roses and be thankful you have a perfectly functioning pancreas; unlike me.

If you are like me managing a chronic illness; or just feeling a little sorry for yourself just remember someone else is feeling down and out just like YOU theirs is just a different story.


Let the 12WBT Challenge Begin


It may be February of the new year, but it’s NEVER too late to start a NEW challenge! Being a Type 1 Diabetic has its own challenges everyday. It KICKS you in the butt when you least expect it or its smooth sailing for a while. You can be high as a Kite, but come crashing back down and you’re left to wonder WHY? HOW? I’m sure I bolused and counted my CARBS correctly. WTF went wrong??  Life is full of challenges and hey; I thought I’d throw another something into the mix……I have joined the @12WBT!

What’s this you ask? You can find out here


@MishBridges  has inspired me to finally take a reality check and take ownership of my Healthier and Fitter soon to be self. It seems a light switch has finally gone on for me; to do something about becoming a STRONGER, DETERMINED, POWERFUL and EMPOWERED person. The mind is a powerful thing people, and I have let the self-doubt and negative voices in my head get to me for far too long! It’s time people, time for Pedro the Pump and I to set, yet another challenge for ourselves…..

Wish me luck for the next 12 weeks of self discovery and the healing powers I know are within me.

Challenge begins Monday 11 FEB 2013


Note: I am not receiving any payment for taking part in the 12WBT challenge. I have joined of my own accord . There is no arrangement for me to write about my experience with this Fitness Challenge.  I hope to inspire the rest of the 12WBT team members who have joined this round like me.

#WhereThePumpAreYou As I am celebrating @nutelladay in Oz, my local supermarket was the place to visit for all things #Nutella @kikisbetes #OzDOC #DOC #Diabetes

#WhereThePumpAreYou As I am celebrating @nutelladay in Oz, my local supermarket was the place to visit for all things #Nutella @kikisbetes #OzDOC #DOC #Diabetes.